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Eiluned Lewis

novelist, poet, and journalist.

Welcome to EilunedLewis.Org, the official website dedicated to the life and work of Eiluned Lewis. Eiluned was a pioneering Welsh writer and poet, known for her contribution to Welsh literature in the 20th century. On this website, you will find information about her life, her writings and her literary legacy.


About Eiluned Lewis

Eiluned Lewis was born in 1900 in Bridgend, Wales. She began writing poetry and prose at a young age, and went on to publish several acclaimed works throughout her life. Her writing often explored themes of nature, Welsh identity, and the changing social landscape of Wales. She was also a dedicated teacher and mentor, and inspired many young writers through her work. At EilunedLewis.Org, we aim to honor her legacy and celebrate her contributions to Welsh literature.


Selected Works

  • December Apples: Eiluned Lewis 1935 Lovat Dickson

  • Novels: Dew On The Grass: Captains Wife 1943

  • Leaves Of The Tree: Pub Macmillan 1953

  • Selections of Country Life articles : in Country Places 1951 Illustrated by Gilbert Spencer

  • Honeypots And Brandy Bottles: Illustrated Agnes Parker

  • Selected letters Charles Morgan: Pub Macmillan

  • Mumfie picture book: John Murray 1947

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